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Future Culture In The 21st Century

Future Culture In the 21st Century

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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Robotic Girlfriends

Much as I wanted to give due respect to Roxxxy, proclaimed by her creators from TrueCompanion.com -- led by artificial intelligence engineer and inventor Douglas Hines -- as the world's first robotic girlfriend , I was moved to tears from too much laughing, when I read rambunctious and totally irreverent comments about her.

Amidst eyebrow-raisings, shudders , "Eeeeeeew" and "Gross!" exclamations, poor Roxxxy -- trying to look as sexy as ever with her see-through black lingerie -- had to withstand flippant and cheeky mockings , from the self-confessed geeks themselves.

More than anything else , I admire her for her patience, withstanding all the mockery from these geeky 21st century iconoclasts! Hark!!!!!

Listen : "How come she looks like Lady Gaga??"

" Here comes Robo Gonorrhea, the noisy killer!"
"Dear, she doesn't look like Lady Gaga at all, she looks like Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders!"
"That will certainly cure any sexual fetish you may have. I am having an urge to become a Tibetan monk... "
"Eeeeeeeew, she even looks slutty... "
"Anyone remember Harry Mudd's wife, Stella??"
" This is the creepiest girlthing ever ... "
"This is not what I had in mind when I mentioned wanting a robot girlfriend... Shudder!"

Dustin, meantime, is delirious: "This is a brilliant idea. Nobody realizes that these same creepy people who want a sex bot won't be having children? Won't be passing on their genes? Hehehe, my evil plan continues unhindered...."

Well, she's no Megan Fox come-hither babe, but to describe her as a Heidi Fleiss Neanderthal, or a slimmer and sluttier version of Susan Boyle is too much! (I must admit though, that her facial expression , not to mention her disheveled hairstyle, makes her come across as a streetwalker slumped in fatigue with all that action. It would really be pretty tiring to have men groping at your realistic-looking silicone C cups.


Mind you, her creators from TrueCompanion.com up the ante further with an aggressive sales pitch: that she has artificial intelligence and life-like synthetic skin, built to have stimulating conversation as an intellectual conversationalist ("I love holding hands with you" ), a great listener, with built-in sensors that squirm with your touch , and when you are lonely, she even goes to sleep with you. This is something to revolutionize robotics."

"She can't vacuum, she can't cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean," Douglas Hines says. "She's a companion. She has a personality. She hears you. She listens to you. She speaks. She feels your touch. She goes to sleep. We are trying to replicate a personality of a person."

While tech enthusiasts are smiling and gawking at the recent CES event in Las Vegas, a few blocks away has Roxxxy facing her audience at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo for her "big coming out party."

PopSci.com meantime says:

"But unlike her real-life counterparts, this girlfriend really listens. Users can go online and detail their particular likes and dislikes, downloading them to their Roxxxy robots (naturally, this 21st century girl is Wi-Fi-enabled; she'll even send you lusty love letters via email). Using Roxxxy's Web site, gentlemen can refine their ladies' tastes and preferences to match their own, slowly creating their idea of the perfect woman. Friends can even swap their girlfriends' personalities online in a somewhat creepy incarnation of social networking."

And for more flavourful variety, Roxxxy can be customised to five different personalities: coasting through reserved and shy Frigid Farrah, outgoing and adventurous Wild Wendy, pain and pleasure-provider S & M Susan , eager to teach Mature Martha with her "matriarchal kind of caring" , and there's Young, barely eighteen and "waiting for you to teach her". To this, reader Locotus shrugs : "Multiple personalities? wow, they're making these girlfriends more realistic every day."

And if you're ready to shell out US$7000 to US$9000 for Roxxxy, be ready for real action with this robotic girlfriend with her "robotic movements" via her anatomically correct, articulated skeleton -- standing at 5 feet and seven inches, fleshy to the hilt with all of 120 pounds , plus customizable brassier size, hair and skin color.

Creator Douglas might not want to admit it: but Roxxxy is a predecessor of her other sex-toy robotic sisters -- check out US- made RealDoll.com and Japan-made Honey Dolls( www.honeydolls.jp) which are, understandably, quite unsafe when browsing through the sites at work.

Always a bridesmaid, never a human being.

Gizmodo.com hurls in its own views on the Honey Dolls : "Thank the Japanese for pushing humanity one step closer to sexbots: This almost-perfect, silicon-made Honey Doll is equipped with touch sensors that will make her moan with different sounds."


Oh well. Meantime, cut all that smack about Neanderthal Roxxxy ... I mean, multi-personality sexy Roxxxy.

Newsnidea.com reports that the sexbot is “always turned on and ready to talk or play ... with a feverishly pumping mechanical heart and liquid cooling system lest things get too hot to handle." Further, she's currently heating up shelves in both Europe and the US, as True Companion notes she will be also become available in other parts of the world.

Pointing out that her creators also boast that Roxxxy, who can’t walk or mechanically move her own limbs, can even “have an orgasm,” Newsnidea.com figures that "we have a strong suspicion she might be faking it."

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