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Future Culture In The 21st Century

Future Culture In the 21st Century

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Virtual Hugs, Hug Shirts, and Heart-Monitoring Clothing

CrunchGear reports:

"We get the weirdest crap in our tips inbox, most of it unpublishable (unless your filter allows through things like “Hard HORSUE sexx tranny”, as ours does). But then there’s things like this Hug Shirt. It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It has sensors as well as actuators. You have your Hug Shirt, your partner has their Hug Shirt. You hug yourself, and the sensors take the data from your hug and send it to your partner’s phone, where a Java application causes the actuators in their shirt to “hug” them."

"It’s more of a fax-a-hug, but whatever. Do we need this technology? I’d rather have a cure for any one of Hilton’s maladies. And I do mean those ones."

Hahahha... I'd say... Why not??? Sometimes, you and your better half would run out of great ideas on showing how much you care --- and those SMS, MMS, and mushy emails are squeezing your creative juices to the fullest. And with available technology to the tune of "fax-a-hug" , "virtual embraces" and electronically sent kisses ( it's called YM as in Yahoo! Messenger , folks) , why won't it be a welcome idea?

But with your Hug Shirt, make sure that nobody is watching you when you go through the motions of ooohh--and---aaaahh love Stylistics --- or risk having people create ideas that you're going loony :) Meantime , both you and your partner should be wearing the Hug Shirt at the same time --- for your "faxed hugs" to be felt.

But there's more from these mod fashion scenarios.

Adidas just came up with a hip shirt which --- while making you look cool as ever --- will also "cool down" your stress and woes about your heart rate . The sports fashion apparel company has tied up with Polar to produce a new line of clothing called Project Fusion , with double whammy functions of monitoring your ECG stats and heart rate , as well as making you look, uh . cool.

CrunchGear says:

"The system has sensors built throughout the shirt to check your heart rate and the shoes to keep tabs on how far and fast you’re moving. After your workout, just upload all the info to your PC via Bluetooth and see how you did, and how long it took you to recover. The sensors are supposed to be soft, as not to be uncomfortable and the transmitter that collects all the data is firmly planted in the front of the shirt, so it’s easy to recognize and use."

For a whopping US$680 price, it certainly doesn't come cheap: but the pricey stuff would go a long way in saving lives --- especially those with heart ailments. One thing though: one quick look and it shows that it would look kinda funny if you have "love handles" on your sides, and extra fat and bulges everywhere --- it only comes in a one-size-fits-all fashion.

Before you get the courage to wear it ( like me) ... better do a lot of huffing and puffing in the gym to carve your body into some strut-your-stuff figure. But then, you'll need it all the more while you're exercising. So there's the rub.

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