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Future Culture In The 21st Century

Future Culture In the 21st Century

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Make Way For Inovent's Ilumina LCD iTV

My belated kudos to our up-and-coming maverick "Inoventlings" : that harrumphing yuppies bratpack composed of De La Salle's Brian Quebengco , fellow futurist and Atenean marketing expert Mark Ruiz, and the rest of the guys from Inovent Inc. with their novel innovention making waves now and cruising through all the media hype via Ilumina LCD iTV.

Inovent Head Brian Quebengco calls it “The Inovent Revolution” , showing to both supporters and critics that Filipinos can do it and that it can be done, pioneering an innovative idea which started with a dream, fueled by passion, fired up by their continuing zeal and enthusiasm.

Quebengco says: “We stand a chance in the electronic industry, and can even excel in it … with our team actually making history. This will eventually reverse the brain drain we are experiencing.”

The Inovent team, headed by Quebengco, is composed of marketing chief inoventor Mark Ruiz; senior design expert inoventor Peter Can, Jonas Peralta, and Jaed del Mundo; junior program inoventor Ryan Bitanga; and junior inoventor Victor Yu and Nikko Garcia, who are undergraduates at the De La Salle University (DLSU) taking up electrical engineering and electronics and communications engineering (ECE).

Check out its media blitzkrieg.

“Ilumina is being positioned as a showcase of Filipino ingenuity particularly on engineering and design, signaling the changing habits of younger generations who grew up on the iPod, MP3s, and TV show and movie downloads."

"Ilumina is at the crux of a major change in our lifestyles, where you can play music, watch movies, call via VOIP (voice over internet protocol) surf the web with its wireless fidelity (wi-fi) facility, chat via Yahoo Messenger , and watch your free TV all from one unit. No need for separate players, it provides that convenience for everyone.”

The iTV prototype, awaiting Philippines-based “angel investors “ for its mass production is housed in a minimalist curved casing with a 32-inch screen , equipped with a High Definition (HD) webcam, a Blue Ray DVD slot drive, VoIP, digital video recorder, Wi-Fi/LAN facilities, 1.5 Terabyte hard drive, wireless keyboard, and a Bluetooth head phone built in the back of the remote control to allow motion gesture base.

As the proverbial “icing on the cake”, it has a gesture motion remote control similar to Nintendo’s “wii-mote”.

While waiting for their "angel investors" to gear up mass production for the iTV novel prototype, more up their sleeves from these young mavericks.

Meantime, sounds like clenched fists for their so-called "revolution". Check out Inovent Inc's "Declaration of Revolution".

"We believe in living on the edge of possible, where no one wishes to venture. We don’t care when the Old Men who control our economy and businesses tell us we can’t; we just do it. We’re tired of waiting while the Old Men grow and protect their dynasties within the comforts of our own country."

"We believe in making our own rules, our own statement, and our own words. We call Innovation and Invention, Inovention. We believe that the Philippines will become a pioneer in Technology and Inovention. Because we believe the Philippines will lead the world in Technology and Inovention."

"We believe that the Philippine people are the progressive inoventors of tomorrow because each one of us has the potential waiting to be unleashed, waiting to be given a chance."

"We know that everything we need to lead this revolution is with us and within us. We will scratch that perennial itch that says we Filipinos can do it. We believe that we have the talent and creativity to be World Class and Global and not just accept our faith as a copycat or a cut-and-paste industry."

"We can lead and leapfrog the Global technology industry. We believe that we can start an Inovention Revolution that will change people’s lives and create tremendous Philippine Pride. We are the springboard to give our country a new soul that creates the experience which will intrigue, astonish, delight and amuse the World."

More up for grabs from these young maverick Inoventlings. Pump up the volume.

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